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 From our How to Grow Microgreens Series

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 Nick & Nathan from On the Acre in Houston, TX discuss the topic.  For more advanced microgreens business training, visit our Urban Farm Academy Business of Microgreens course. 


We stack every tray that is not domed. We don't, on average, do really long grows. Things like celery, basil, amaranth, sorrel, shiso, for the most part long grows. Carrot yeah that's another one.

So we're just making the distinction that there's fewer species that we put a dome on then we stack so it's easier to say which ones we don't stack. Everything else gets stacked up to six trays tall with a couple bricks on top and that's typically from three to four days on occasion maybe five days but you know some species could be stacked longer like cilantro so it's a longer germination time but you just want to make sure that around four days you check its moisture level you don't have to do it every day but after about four days it will start to try a little bit.

I think for us the stuff we are doing versus stacking now all of it we've tried it one way or the other and the things we do now we find advantageous to us to do versus the other ones which provided no increased volume or germination. We really try to only do it if we provide a noticeable benefit to our product and not overdo it once again for space concerns.

You can look at this way as well, longer grows will typically have a longer period of time to germinate and so they will do better under a dome because it keeps the seeds moist better versus the ones that will germinate in a day and a half to two days they don't need to continually be moist in the same manner the seeds have done their job they're now growing and now it's up to us to put them under the lights and water them when they need it. Most typically than the domes come off from all of them so once they're done germinating their and they're off to the lights.

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