1020 Extra Strength Trays

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Exclusively designed and sold by Bootstrap Farmer. Our trays are designed for repeated use and abuse. We have tested these propagation trays with over 50 lbs of weight without breaking.

Also available in white and in colors.


Propagation trays for hobby or commercial growers. These propagation trays are heavy duty with extra strength, making them easier to carry and move around. 

Propagation trays are perfect for fodder and fodder systems, microgreens, wheatgrass, and germination of seedlings in soil or hydroponics for hobby or commercial growers.

Please note: We recommend using trays of the same depth when nesting trays.



  • Will not warp or break
  • Fits any Bootstrap Farmer 1020 cell tray
  • Extra thick, BPA Free, Food Safe #5 PP Plastic
  • No drainage holes
  • Outer dimensions: 21.06” x 10.81” x 2.5” Deep 1.8 - 2.0mm
  • Inner bottom dimensions: 19.9" x 9.58"
  • Thickness-  1.8 - 2.0mm
  • Free shipping on orders over $49 to Contiguous US (48 States)
  • Hassle-Free Returns (we will replace any degraded/broken tray up to 2 Years from purchase) See details. 

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  • Are your 1020 trays bpa-free? What kind of plastic are they?

    It is made from BPA free Polypropylene (PP). This is the same type of plastic they use to make Plastic cups, baby bottles, Kitchenware, microwavable plastic containers and lids.  Thanks for asking!

  • Looking for rectangle tray 36''x30''x5'' flat smooth bottom needs to be strong handling 40-50 LBS

    Currently our largest size trade is the 1020.  We have been considering making a flood tray or ebb and flow tray but havent done so yet.  However I will say that i feel confident that our 1020 could handle this kind of weight.

  • Do your 1020 trays hold full-size 4”pots and other liners? Brand X are just a little off and pots do not fit solidly. I cannot hive up my metal growing racks

    Our 1020 trays will properly hold the products we offer. All of our smaller inserts (2.5" pots, 5x5 trays, 1010 trays) are all built to nest into the 1020. Products from other companies may or may not fit properly in our 1020 trays, since all of our products are designed with the specs of our products taken into consideration.

  • Are the trays made in the USA? If not, what is the country of origin?

    We currently have a mix right now.  However its primiarly the USA.  Within just a few weeks it will be all USA made as we turnover inventory.

  • What are the pp material thicknesses of the trays? And the weights per tray?

    The 1020 trays are between 1.8.m and 2mm and weight around 1lb each.

  • Hello, I just ordered a bunch of microgreen trays and I am excited to receive them :) I am wondering if those are going to be too think to grow wheatgrass in? Do your 1020 extra strength trays come in white with holes? Or do I need to get the 1010 with holes for wheatgrass? Thank you, jamie

    Hi Jamie,

    The shallow trays should work just fine for wheatgrass.  I know many people who successfully grow in both the deep and shallow :)  I'd love to get some colors going in the deep 1020 with holes (including white) and is on our "to-do" list.  Realistically it probably won't happen for 6-9 months as we have been pretty consumed with getting our current inventory in and then packed up for customers.

  • i have plug trays i bought from amazon about 2 years ago...and ive found that they don’t fit the regular 10x20 trays, because the edge rests on the sides if the 10x20 and the 10x20 tray is too deep for the bottom of tge plug tray to reach any water that’s at the bottom...so bottom watering won’t work with that setup...do you have 10x20 trays with shorter sides than the standard ones? or some other way that would make a plug tray work with a tray to water from the bottom?

    We do have microgreen trays with no holes https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/microgreen-trays.  We expect to have them back in stock next week.

  • Is there enough space between the tray w/ holes and the tray w/o holes (if stacked on top of each other) for water to drain out of? Need water to drain to avoid root rot when growing my succulents.

    There is a very small amount of space between the top of the ridges on the 1020 with and without holes when inserted into eachother.  However the ridges should be high enough to allow the water to drain between those as long as you don't have too much water in your 1020 trays.

  • Can you use a 10x20 with holes to plant into (don’t need cells, (lettuce trays) and use the 10x20 no holes to irrigate from the bottom?

    Yes you can.  The 1020 with holes was designed to fit in the one without holes in order to bottom water.

  • Hi there, Do you have an ETA of when your 1020 extra strength trays (with holes) will be back in stock? Also, do you provide bulk pricing above the 60 pack? Thanks, Alec

    We expect to have them back in stock in about 1 -1.5 months.  The next tier of discounts after the 60 pack comes into play when you order a pallet or more (about 960 trays).

  • What is the thickness in millimeters of the trays?

    It is 2mm thick.

  • How many trays in a pack?

    There  is  1 1020  tray  per pack.

  • Will the microgreen trays fit in the 10x20 trays? Wanting to seed in the microgreen trays with holes and use the 10x20 with no holes to bottom water the microgreens during vegatative state.

    The microgreen trays will fit on top of the 1020 trays.  You are able to bottom water using these.  You will need some extra water compared to our microgreen trays with no holes.