Greenhouse Snap On Clamps and Clips

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Greenhouse Plastic Clamps - Snap On

These reinforced clamps snap easily over plastic film, shade cloth, tarps and netting to any type of pipe. Our clamps are frost tolerant and UV stabilized for long lasting indoor or outdoor use.

Key Features:

  • Easily attaches netting, poly film, shade cloth or other materials to EMT conduit
  • Reinforced ABS plastic for excellent holding power and durability
  • UV stabilized and front resistant for reliable long-term use outdoors
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Sizing Snap on Clamps: All clamps are 5 1/2 inches long

Snap Clamp Size Pipe Size Pipe Type
1/2"  1/2" EMT Conduit
3/4"  3/4"
EMT Conduit


Snap Clamp Size Pipe Size Pipe Type
3/4"  1/2" *PVC Schedule 40

 *For PVC installation PVC pipe must be straight


  • Roll greenhouse plastic film or other covering material around tightly around pipe
  • Push snap clamp over plastic or shade cloth attached to your pipe firmly until it snaps over the pipe.  You may need to pull the snap clamp slightly apart before pushing onto pipe if there is excess material 
  • For permanent installation install self tapping screw directly through the snap clamp
  • Space snap clamps about 2' apart from each other

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    • How long are the 3/4 " clamps?

      They are 5 1/2 inches long.

    • What size of Green House Snap on Clamps do I order for 1/2" PVC? Thank you.

      You would need the clamps labled as 1/2 inch.

    • I have three “green house” structure made out of 1” EMT. They cover raised bed planters I made a few years ago. In the early spring and late fall i cover them with plastic to extend my growing season. Will your snap clamp work over 1” EMT? Currently I am using 1” plastic clamps from harbor freight to hold the plastic on, which it really does not do well. Thanks.

      The clamps we have will be too small for 1" EMT unfortunately.  We only have ones for 1/2" and 3/4".

    • does this clamp work on poly tarps?

      We use the clamps to secure our greenhouse plastic to EMT pipes in order to rollup the sides of our greenhouse.  If you are using 1/2" EMT piping the 1/2" snap clamp should suffice or if 3/4" the 3/4" clamp would work.

    • Since PVC and greenhouse poly react and cause the greenhouse film to degrade, won't these cause a reaction? I think they're an awesome idea. I'm just concerned about a reaction between the greenhouse snap clamp and the greenhouse plastic. I'm using 1/2 inch emt and covering it with 4 mil greenhouse plastic to make poly low tunnels.

      Good question! You will have no issues with these particular applications.  The reaction comes from PVC hoops rubbing on plastic.  The PVC wire and the snap clamps remain in place, and cause no reaction.  You will have no issues with our products for the intended applications!

    • What size greenhouse clamp is correct for 1/2 inch pvc pipe with 6 mil plastic? Your size chart does not make sense.

      If this is 1/2 OD pvc you will need the 3/4 inch clamp.

    • which greenhouse clamps are suited for the standard top rail fencing hoops? Looking to do my roll up side. Thanks!

      We dont use the clamps ont the rail fencing.  We secure that with the spring wire and channel.  We do use 3/4" snap on clamps for the 3/4" EMT that is used on the roll up side