Removing Plugs From Cell Tray Inserts When Transplanting | Bootstrap Farmer

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Our farmer in residence Piper explains the process of moving plugs from your cell trays from Bootstrap Farmer.  



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Seed starting in trays
5x5 Trays for Starting Flowers and Herbs

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DIY tips for seed-starting methods from resident grower Emily. Learn about space-saving solutions for growers with limited room. Click here for a seed-starting tutorial along with other gardening tips at Bootstrap Farmer!
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How to Wash and Care for Seedling Trays
How to Wash and Care for Seedling Trays

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Planting season is an exciting time for growers. But, before you get too anxious about planting those seeds, have you cleaned your equipment since the last growing season? 

It may seem like a meaningless task, but maintaining good grow room hygiene is paramount to not only the success of your seedlings but also for a farm business as a whole. To give your new seedlings the best chance, start with a clean slate.

Read below for the BEST methods to clean and care for your propagation trays.
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Seed starting in cell trays
The Complete Guide to Seed Starting

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New to gardening this season? Looking to improve the local food system in your community?

We've got you covered. 

We have compiled some of the most common questions to create a "how to guide" for seed starting along with other gardening tips. 

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