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 From our How to Grow Microgreens Series

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 Nick & Nathan from On the Acre in Houston, TX discuss the topic.  For more advanced microgreens business training, visit our Urban Farm Academy Business of Microgreens course. 


Whenever you're watering in microgreens, you can do obviously from above or below. Most people would recommend, myself included to always water from underneath. For a couple of reasons, one is you don't want your not microgreens to be falling over into the soil and getting stuck there because that prolonged contact with the soil will allow the stem to weaken due to being moist which will allow infection in and then your tray will start to die.

I imagine it also helps keep the pests below the leaf level you don't have water sitting up on your leaves after you water all of that stays low and our pest control is right above the leaf so those two things kind of help each other out in that way not to water above. What are some other ways people water that you see? A lot of people use misters because it is more gentle on the plant you can you have to worry about them actually falling over but once again you're still your so water is a fluid and bacteria and mold and fungus can travel through a fluid whereas if you're only watering from the bottom the only thing that's ever getting wet is the soil so you're never risking that contamination flowing up the plant.

Within your flood trays you have multiple ways you flood and drain , continuous flow, you have options within a flood tray if you're not doing individuals and I think you just need to know your space your climate your means to determine what's best for you and what you're wanting to grow but you have options within a flood tray. Your medium will determine a lot of that if you're using you know coconut coir or soil or hemp pads or rock wool you know the frequency with which you water I guess is something that could be talked about in this area.

Introducing water from your plants I'm releasing it into the air increase humidity you can hit items within your shelving your lights your equipment we talked about our pest controls where I love them above our plans also and we hit those kind of things all the time or space in between there children small so really not having to go in there for more than you need to. 

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