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**NOTE: Plastic is cut to order. Current lead time to cut is 5-7 Business Days.**
Expedited Shipping is not available for Greenhouse Plastic

Greenhouse cover can be cut to custom sizes. If you don't see the size of greenhouse film you are looking for please contact us.

Bootstrap Farmer sells one of the best greenhouse plastic products available.  Our manufacturer uses a 5 layer film technology for additional strength and longevity.  The UVA protection gives the greenhouse plastic a 4 year rating & warranty.

Greenhouse Plastic Features:

  • Clear 6 mil polyethylene film
  • Anti dust protection - Reduces absorption of dust for long lasting transmittance
  • 4 Year Rating & Warranty
  • Light transmittance > 90%
  • Light Diffusion 20%
  • 4 Year Warranty makes this plastic NRCS Preferred
  • Most pieces are custom cut to specification.  During the months of September - October please allow up to 9 business days pre-shipment as we can back up with large order volume. (Expedited shipping is not available)

The 5 layer technology in our UV resistant greenhouse plastic allows it to have high mechanical strength and flexibility.  

Light Transmittance

Our greenhouse film is designed with a high 90% light transmittance.  This is the amount of light that is able to pass through your greenhouse.  High light transmission is essential to allow your plants to thrive.

Diffusion of Light

The greenhouse film's diffusion allows light to be scattered around your hoop house.  This allows your plants to get even lighting in all areas inside your structure.  Diffused light is particularly important for tall or self shading plants that typically would get uneven light exposure in direct sunlight. This enables you to have fuller and more even growth.

Sizing Greenhouse Plastic


The best way to size your greenhouse plastic width is to measure around the frame of your greenhouse once the structure is built.

To estimate your plastic width before your greenhouse is build you can do the following:

  • Count the number of poles you will be using to build each arch.
  • Measure the length of each pole and multiple by the number of poles
  • Determine the height of your finished ground posts
  • Add 2 times the height of your ground posts

Example: For example if you are building a 20 foot wide greenhouse you will be using 3 - 10 foot poles for each arch.  If your ground posts are 4 feet high you will need 8 additional feet (4 feet x 2) .  Therefore you will need [3 x 10 feet (hoops)] + [4 x 2 feet (ground posts)]  + 4 feet (extra for any variation or for roll up sides) = 42 Feet wide. 


To estimate the length of your greenhouse plastic follow the steps below

  • Measure the length of your greenhouse
  • Estimate the height of the top of your hoops
  • Add length of your greenhouse + 2 times the height of your greenhouse

Example: Length of greenhouse is 100 feet.  Total height of greenhouse will be 13 feet.  You will need 100 Feet (length of greenhouse) + 2 x 13 feet (height of greenhouse) + 4 Feet (extra for any variations)  = 130 feet long.

The tables below are estimates based on standard hoop house sizes.  Other greenhouse styles should be measured.

GH Width GH Length Plastic Width Plastic Length
6 20 16 30
6 40 16 50
6 60 16 70
6 80 16 90
6 100 16 110
10 20 28 40
10 40 28 60
10 60 28 80
10 80 28 100
10 100 28 120
12 20 28 40
12 40 28 60
12 60 28 80
12 80 28 100
12 100 28 120
20 20 42 50
20 40 42 70
20 60 42 90
20 80 42 110
20 100 42 130



Benefits of Greenhouse Coverings

Direct light from the sun is less than ideal for most plants.  Direct light means that no particles in the atmosphere or coverings are causing the light of the sun to be dispersed.  This can lead to scorch, uneven heating and shadowing of nearby plants.  On a cloudy or overcast day you will notice a lack of shadows.  This is due to light being dispersed in many different directions.  Clear greenhouse plastic acts in a similar fashion to the clouds but allows much more light through.  The poly film converts the direct sunlight into a more evenly distributed and dispersed light in your greenhouse.  This allows the light to penetrate deeper into your plants which improves your yields.  

Greenhouse plastic not only helps your with light dispersion but creates a more uniform temperate inside your hoop house.  Direct sunlight causes hot spots on your plants.  Think of standing outside in the direct sunlight on a hot sunny day.  Once the sun goes behind a cloud you feel much cooler.  Your plants feel the same way.  Areas that are getting the direct sunlight can be subject to sun scorch while the shaded parts of the plants are nice and cool.  This can cause die-off and stress on parts of your plants that are over exposed to direct sunlight.  Having light dispersion creates a more consistent temperature for your plants which enables more uniform growth.

How Not to Buy Greenhouse Plastic

When buying greenhouse plastic be sure not to get it from a local hardware store such as Home depot or Lowes. Yes, they sell cheap 6 mil plastic film but this is Not UV stabilized.  You will be lucky to get 4 months of use out of this plastic before it disintegrates and you will have a mess of torn and brittle plastic to clean up.  Any greenhouse plastic that you buy you want to make sure that it is UV stabilized.

Bootstrap Farmer's 6 mil clear greenhouse plastic has 89% light transmittance to bring plenty of diffused light into your structure for healthier and happier plants.


  • Longitudinal tensile strength: 23 MPa.

  • Breaking tensile strength transverse: 22 MPa.

  • Breaking Elongation: 680%

  • Longitudinal tear strength: 8.4kg./ mm

  • Transverse tear strength: 11.5kg./ mm

  • Impact strength: 1200g

  • Light transmittance: 90%

  • Scattering rate: 20%

  • UV blocking: 95% / 350nm

Shipping and Returns

Free shipping on all our greenhouse film.  We want to be as transparent with our prices as possible so we don't want to surprise you with high shipping costs at checkout.

All of our greenhouse plastic is custom cut for you.  Please allow us up to 9 business days to ship your product so our team has time ensure everyone gets their exact specifications.  Based on your location, you should receive your plastic in about 14 business days during our busy season (Sept - October).

Because each order is custom cut we can not accept returns once the item has shipped.

Expedited Shipping is not available for Greenhouse Plastic

Shipping Via Motor Freight (semi)

Rolls over 120 lbs must ship via motor freight.  We will notifiy you if your order requires this shipping method.  

A few things to be aware of on orders shipping motor freight (semi): 

  1. Someone must be available at the shipping location to receive the order and must be able to unload it.
  2. If the customer uses the lift gate on the truck, the motor freight company will charge up $125 depending on the freight company, for which you will be responsible.
  3. If there is any noticeable damage to products, please note this on the bill of lading that the driver will have the customer sign.
  4. If the shipping address is a residential address, the semi will need to be able to get into your neighborhood with room to turn around. If not, we can make arrangements for the terminal to hold the order for you to pick up.


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Ask a Question
  • Can this type of plastic be put on an aluminum frame?

    Yes our greenhouse plastic is compatible with aluminum framing.

  • Do you have shade cloth

    Yes we do have shade cloth.  We are in the middle of revamping these listings.  But we would be happy to make a custom quote for you.  Freel free to reach out to us at and we can get you a price.

  • If I was to cover a sun porch, is it clear enough to see through? Thank you

    You can see through the greenhouse plastic but it is not crystal clear.  It will be opaque and you will be able to see the color and outline of what is outside but it will be very blurry.  

  • Do you ship to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia?

    We can ship the greenhouse plastic to St. Lucia but we would need to custom quote the shipping.  Let us know by sending the exact delivery address to contact@bootstrapfarmer.comalong with the size of plastic that you need.

  • I do not see any reference to anti drip technology in you plastic. Does you plastic offer drip control?

    We can offer you anti drip if that is something you are looking for.  Just send us an email at and let us know the size you are looking for. 

  • am looking for 6 mil plastic sheeting uv protected, clear that i can use to cover windows in winter on mobile home, openings vary would like to install with tape , does your film have a slight strech so i could get it tight. would need to rec. within a weeks time any sugestions

    The plastic will have some strech to it.  If you need it within a week send us an email at contact@bootstrapfarmer.comwith the size you need and we can check to see if we have any pre-cut pieces. 

  • If I'm stretching this over PVC hoops, what do you recommend for protecting the plastic from the PVC? I saw you have repair tape, but the cost of covering all the PVC would add up fast. Thanks!

    The cheapest way to protect the plastic from PVC is white latex paint that contains No fungicde.  Or you could also use a White tape (non pvc) such as white duct tape.