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    See our entire selection of DIY greenhouse kits, which require the purchase of local wood and metal, or shop our inventory of USA-made All-Metal Greenhouse Kits for complete kits. This kit will stand approximately 10.75' on the center.

    Greenhouse Kit Includes:

    • All the nuts, bolts, screws, and connectors
    • Greenhouse spring wire and lock channel to keep your poly plastic secure
    • Ground post driver allows you to drive your ground posts safely into the ground
    • Cross Connectors to attach Arches to Ridge Poles
    • Printable Buy Local Chart
    • 6 mil greenhouse plastic with a 4-year warranty will cover the entire greenhouse, including end walls.  (it may take an additional week to arrive if freight shipment is required)
    • Does not qualify for NRCS funding
    • Assumes a Single Door on your Tunnel
    • Not a Complete Kit. Lumber and 1 3/8" Top Rail is not included and should be purchased at your local hardware store.  We want to save you money.  Buying this locally will save you thousands, which is why we don't include it.  See our "Purchase Locally" chart below for help ordering all the lumber and conduit.

    Greenhouse Width (ft) |Approximate Height (ft)

    10 |8.5

    12 |8

    20 |10.75

    Greenhouse Building Instructions Here 

    *Not eligible for returns 

    Shop other DIY kit sizes here.

    Shop complete kits here.

    *Lumber choices may be limited by location. Redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated are the best choices for any structure that will be exposed to moisture.

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    Purchase Locally 20ft Wide Greenhouse Kit: 

    HD Part Lowes Part Description HD Price Lowes Price 20' Long 40' Long 60' Long 80' Long 100' Long
    181697 103268 10 ft 1-3/8" top rail for bows & ridgepoles $20.98 $21.98 20 37 54 71 88
    1004028096 552282 8 ft 1-5/8 in. line post for ground posts $23.98 $28.68 6 11 16 21 26
    914770951 1" x 6" x 8' wood for base/hip board $12.98 $12.91 12 24 36 44 56
    441317 54349 2" x 4" x 8' stud for door $5.62 $4.79 16 16 16 16 16
    161897 7499 1" x 4" x 8" board for door $7.90 $6.10 2 2 2 2 2
    161756 95705 2" x 6" x 12' board for end-walls $6.00 $10.78 2 2 2 2 2
    Approx. Total Cost $898 $1,191 $3,314 $6,030 $9,534

    Purchase Locally Optional Roll-Up Sidewall Kit: 

    HD Part Lowes Part Description HD Price Lowes Price 20' Long 40' Long 60' Long 80' Long 100' Long
    203114 72713 10' x 3/4" EMT for roll-up side $12.65 $12.68 6 10 14 18 22
    Total Cost $76 $127 $84 $180 $308


    Ask a Question
    • Will this kit not collapse under snow load?

      There are obviously no guarantees when it comes to this stuff and mother nature.  That said, we use the 4ft spacing on hoops for reasons like this.  The high-tunnel shape also does a pretty good job of shedding snow.  If this is a big concern in your area, I'd highly recommend adding a 2nd and 3rd support pole about 3ft away from either side of the ridge pole.  

    • How does this stand up to Wyoming weather?

      This should hold up quite well which is one of the reasons we only provide the use of spring wire and lock channel and driving your ground posts into the ground.  Our greenhouses are ment to be perminant stuctures.  If your area gets particularlly heavy winds we would recommend installing a 4 foot anchor auger on the corners as a uplift prevention.  You may also want to consider adding a double layer of greenhouse plastic for extra insulation as I know it gets quite cold in Wyoming.

    • If I buy a DIY kit can I get the hoops already bent or?

      The DIY kit requires you to purchase the wood and pipe locally and bend the hoops yourself. We do not sell individual hoops. The All Metal kits come with the hoops prebent so only assembly is needed.

    • I only want the hoop house and the cover don’t want end doors or side walls..just want to keep rain etc off my cannabis plants what can or should I purchase

      This would still be the appropriate kit. On these you build the endwalls yourself so it would be your choice to leave them off. Or you could buy parts separately to make a large caterpillar tunnel. We would be happy to help you put that order together if you give us a call at 888-406-1982 or email us at contact@bootstrapfarmer.com

    • How many hoop benders do I need for my 20x20 hoophouse 1 3/8.

      You only need one 20' hoop bender to bend all of your hoops.

    • Hello when will the 20’x40’ kit be available to order?

      Both the DIY and All Metal greenhouses size 20'x40' are currently available for purchase through our online store.

    • If you put two 10 ft benders together can you bend a for a 20 ft hoop

      That wouldn't work as the angle on each pole bender is different.  The pole bender is used to bend one pole at a time.  So a 10' wide hoop house you would bend 2 poles and connect them together and a 20' wide hoophouse would use the 20' wide bender on 3 poles that are connected after bending.

    • How much wiggle wire and channel is included in the 40' kit? I assume there is enough for the end hoops and the baseboard? Is any extra included for the endwall framing?

      There is enough for the end hoops, baseboard and door framing.  There would be enough extra for 2 verticles on door side endwall.

    • I want to build 4 greenhouse 20 x 100 ft I need to know the price for all material

      Here are the additional items you would need (below).  You would need to price these out locally as every area can have very different prices.  Alternativlty we have a kit that includes every part needed here: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/greenhouse-kit

      10 ft 1-3/8" top rail for bows & ridgepole 88
      8 ft 1-5/8 in. line post for ground posts 26
      1" x 8" x 8' ledger board for base board 28
      2" x 4" x 8' stud for door 16
      26" x 8' clear roofing panel for door 2
      1" x 4" x 8" board for door 2
      2" x 6" x 12' board for end-walls 2
      10' of 3/4 in. EMT for roll-up sides 22

    • Looking for a full set up kit for a 60 x 20 Hoop House. Also with option of inflatable second layer.

      We will have our full greenhouse kits (hoops included) in about a month from now.

    • Good morning, I have a couple questions for you. 1. Can I install one of these greenhouses on a slope? We don’t have a level spot. 2. How high are the peak and shoulder points of the 20’ wide arches? 3. I bought a Shelter Logic, Grow It,13x20 high arch Greenhouse last year. Big mistake. They say it has a 67% light transmission. It does not let enough light through for vibrant plant growth. Do you sell plastic and wiggle wire separately so I could use this frame? Thank you for your help. Wendy

      On a slope you would need to adjust the “low end” ground post to rise up out of the ground higher than the ground post on the “high” side. (Imagine a level floor) The footer on the lower slope side would have a gap from the footer board to the ground. This gap could be covered with additional board or cinder blocks to take up the space. Kinda like a retaining wall.

      The peak or center of the 20 foot wide hoop house would be about 10.5 ‘ tall in the center. Then about 5.25’ tall as you move 5 feet to the left or right from center. The height is based on the ground posts being 2 feet out of the ground and based on a level “floor”.

      Yes we do sell the greenhouse plastic and spring lock wire separatly so you could use the frame.

      Installing Greenhouse On Slope

    • Hi I'm in the process of putting together a microgreens business and I'm building my greenhouse out of 4- 40ft shipping containers in a cube shape. The coverage area the roof is required over is 58"x58". What design ideas would you folks suggest and at what cost for the materials to make this a reality? Your kind response is greatly appreciated.

      Unfortunately we can not assist in the design when it is so far out of spec from our structures. There are too many variables to contend with. You would want to talk to a general contractor as the materials and design for a one off project would need to be drawn up according to local codes.

    • So with this greenhouse, I have to buy and bend my own hoops?

      That is correct.  If we shipped the metal poles for the hoops they'd have to go by motor freight which would cause the price of the kit to increase significantly.  In order to save customers money we advise that they source the poles and lumber from a local hardware store to avoid the extremely high freight costs.

    • Can you store like farm equipment in these?

      Sure I don't see why not!  Some of our customers even use the hoop house design as a car port too :)

    • please indicate the center heights.

      If you are going by our hoop house design using 4 ft ground posts that are 2 ft above ground the height should be about 10.75 ft

    • How tall are the sidewalls for the 20ft greenhouse?

      The sidewalls depend on the placement of the hipboard.  This is adjustable, but generally, recommend about 4 ft in the air for the 20ft greenhouse. The peak height is about 11ft.

    • Hello, Do you guys put together custom kits? I'm looking for either a 14'x475' or 28'x475' tunnel. Thanks!

      We just wouldn't have the hoop bender to make the hoops for these.  However we could price up a quote for the different components that you would need. Let me know if you would like to price up the plasitic and all the connectors.

    • what is the height of the inside?

      10.5 feet at the peak.

    • Is this hoop house compliant with USDA/EQIP specs?

      You would have to check with your local NRCS office as each has their own requirments.  However it should meat most specifications. 

    • For durability, should the side wall or end wall face the prevailing wind?

      I encourage you to check out our article on greenhouse orientation, which details more of the specifics that should be considered when determining the greenhouse orientation: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/blogs/building-a-greenhouse/ideal-location-for-a-greenhouse?_pos=1&_sid=ecbd56c07&_ss=r

      Regarding the prevailing winds: Either direction is acceptable. Sun exposure, is most important. If you are concerned with the wind load, we recommend our all metal kits, as these have a wind rating of 105 mph and have been factory tested. If properly installed according to the instructions, the kit will not fail to wind.

    • Would you be able to create a custom package that would allow the 20 ft version to be 16 ft tall in the center?

      We cannot create custom kits with custom heights at this time.

    • Do the DIY kits include the hoop bender?

      The bender is not included with the kit but is an add on option on the order page.