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    Drop Seeder Plates

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    Extra plates for your Bootstrap Farmer Drop Seeder.

    Each bottom (drop) plate has 7mm holes to accept all sizes of our top (seed) plates. You will need both a seed plate and a drop plate for the drop seeder to function properly.

    Instruction Manual

    When ordering, make sure you add a Frame, Drop Plate and a Top Plate according to the sizing you need for your seeds.

    If you are unsure what size best fits your seed, you can ask us and we will do our best to compare what we have on hand and documented thus far. If you have ruler, measure the seed at its widest.

    If a seed appears to be 3.5mm - go with a 4mm plate.

    If it appears to be a 4.2mm seed - go with 5mm.


    Drop seeder and plate spacing are only guaranteed to fit Bootstrap Farmer 1020 size products! 

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    Ask a Question
    • I used to grow tobacco. I used a vacuum type seeder to place the seed in the tobacco trays. Now, I am looking for a vacuum type seeder to seed tobacco trays with cabbage seeds. Can you assist me?

      We do not sell a vacuum seeder. We do have a drop seeder that can be used for seeding cabbage. Please note that our drop seeder plates are designed to work with our cell tray dimensions.


    • When will you have some 7mm 200 hole top (seed) plate.

      We do not carry 7mm top seed plates. We only carry 7mm bottom plates.

    • Is their seeder compatible with Rockwool plug sheet 1”x1” 10x20 sheet - 200 holes per sheet - on “ centers

      The seeder was specificially designed to fit our cell trays and we haven't tested it with Rockwool plug sheets.  It would be nice if it would work however I think it would be pretty hard to match-up.  The drop may be a bit too far for it to be feasible causing the seeds to bounce out.

    • What size seed plate for non pelletizes lettuce seed?

      It will need to be pelleted in order for it to be the proper shape to work well with the drop seeder.

    • How do you prevent multiple seeds from filling one hole?

      Here are a few things that can be done to help.
      Using a dryer sheet to discharge the static electricity.  Making sure the seed plate is appropriately sized.  If the holes are too large you will get multiple seeds per hole.  If it is sized approprialty only one seed will fit in the hole.  Also you don't want to over fill the hopper with seeds in the drop seeder. 

    • What size hole for the drop seeder would we need for pelleted lettuce?

      For most pelleted seeds (including lettuce) we believe 4.5mm will work the best.

    • what is the thickness of the top tray seeder?

      The plate thickness is .115”