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Drop Seeder


Plant Your Seeds Faster!

This USA-Made Drop Seeder helps to make quick work of planting.  Designed to work with Bootstrap Farmer cell trays and/or 1020 trays.

(Only guaranteed to fit Bootstrap Farmer!)

Individual drop seeder plates can be found here: Drop Seeder Plates.  Please be advised that the 2mm and 3mm plates may allow for several seeds to drop through a single hole depending on the variety of seeds you are utilizing.

Seed Chart

Seed Hole Size Seed Variety Examples
2 mm. Mustard, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Turnips, Collards, Kale, Bok Choy, Onions, Shallots
3 mm. Mizuna, Tatsoi, Tokyo Bekana, Brassicas, Asian Greens
4.5 mm. pelleted seeds, some Spinach varieties, Beets
6 mm. Larger Spinach varieties, swiss chard, okra


When ordering, make sure you add a Frame, Bottom (Drop) Plate and the Seed (Top) Plate you need according to your seeds.   

Instruction Manual

Extra seeds roll to the side when dropped & easily dispense back into your bottle of seeds through the return port (small circle in frame). 

Seed plates with smaller holes than the bottom let's them drop right down!  Bottom (Drop) Hole Plate size: 7mm (only size available for the drop (bottom) plate). 

If you are unsure what size best fits your seed, you can ask us and we will do our best to compare what we have on hand and documented thus far.  If you have ruler, measure the seed at its widest. 

If a seed appears to be 3.5mm - go with a 4mm plate. 

If it appears to be a 4.2mm seed - go with 5mm. 

Drop seeders take an extra day to ship out. 

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Ask a Question
  • Hi Guys I'm looking for a seeder for my micros, my flats are a little bit bigger 10x23 can you help me with it. All the best!

    We designed our seeders specifically to fit our trays.  While they may be able to work with other brands possibly, we can't guarantee it as we haven't tested it with other trays ourselves.

  • Drop seeder available now?

    Yes the drop seeder is available and in stock.

  • can you make a drop seeder for a 162 cell tray?

    In order to ensure the correct operation of the drop seeder, we only have designs for the size of the trays that we manufacture.  If we ever have a 162 cell tray I am sure we will produce a drop seeder for it though!

  • Your drop seeder has been out of stock for awhile, just curious when it will be available or if you are no longer going to carry it. Thanks!

    It should be ready in about 4 weeks.  We had to make some last minute design changes. 

  • This would be a huge help seeing how I don't really want a vacuum seeder and have an unpowered green house. Is there anywhere else I might find this product if you no longer carry it? You would be a life saver. Thank you in advance.

    Sorry for the late reply.  I think think one slipped through the cranks.  We are about 4 weeks to having this available.