Drop Seeder for 1020 Seed Trays - Bootstrap Farmer

Drop Seeder


For quick seeding of your Bootstrap Farmer cell or 1020 trays. 

 Individual drop seeder plates can be found here: Drop Seeder Plates.

When ordering, make sure you add a Frame, Bottom plate AND the sizing you need according to your seeds.   

Extra seeds roll to the side when dropped & easily dispense back into your bottle of seeds through the return port (small circle in frame). 

Top plate with smaller holes than the bottom let's them drop right down!  Bottom hole plate size:7mm. 

If you are unsure what size best fits your seed, you can ask us and we will do our best to compare what we have on hand and documented thus far.  If you have ruler, measure the seed at its widest. 

If a seed appears to be 3.5mm - go with a 4mm plate. 

If it appears to be a 4.2mm seed - go with 5mm. 


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